Elon Musk Notices Something ‘Strange’ About His Twitter Account, Sounds The Alarm

June 5, 2022 By John 0
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Elon Musk Notices Something ‘Strange’ About His Twitter Account, Sounds The Alarm

Tesla, SpaceX and Starlink CEO Elon Musk has sounded the alarm after he noticed something strange about his Twitter account.

A fan of the man who has made a successful bid to purchase Twitter, to the chagrin of some of its employees, noticed that Musk’s tweets stopped loading after a short scroll.

“Hey @elonmusk, twitter is FKING you. Dear everyone, SCROLL down on @elonmusk’s tweets & replies and tell me….. DO THEY STOP LOADING????” the Twitter user said.

“Do @elonmusk’s tweets stop loading after a short scroll for YOU too?” he said in a poll that showed around 80 percent of the respondents saying that they had noticed the issue.


“The thing that’s fk’d about this is NO TRANSPARENCY. Twitter FKs users without consent (there’s a word for that, isn’t there…?) and doesn’t tell anyone what they’ve done. Users have NO RECOURSE and most never even KNOW they were—or are still BEING—FK’d. Not cool,” the user said.

“Hoping soon after this tweet thread is posted this “bug” is fixed, but I’m not counting on it,” he said.


The tweet caught the attention of the CEo who said in a tweet “Very strange indeed!”


The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported that it “confirmed that Musk’s tweets older than 11 hours briefly stopped loading for some users, but the glitch went away on its own after repeatedly refreshing the page for around 30 minutes.”

The New York Post reported that it had “confirmed at the time of writing that his feed does not display any replies that are older than 17 hours and the earlier tweets only showed up after adjusting the settings to display only public tweets.”

If a Twitter employee is tinkering with his account, or if it is a bug, is unknown.

The news came days before Musk took on President Joe Biden.


President Joe Biden appeared to dismiss Musk’s concerns about the economy and Musk hit him back immediately.

“While Elon Musk is talking about that, Ford is increasing their investment, overwhelmingly. I think Ford is increasing the investment in building new electric vehicles. Six thousand employees — union employees, I might add, in the Midwest. The former Chrysler Corporation, they also are making similar investments in electric vehicles. Intel is adding 20,000 new jobs making computer chips. So, you know, lots of luck on his trip to the moon,” the president said.


Musk responded by “thanking” the president with the sarcasm he has become noted for.

“Thanks Mr President!” he said.

It came after Musk said that he was very concerned about the global economy as reports say that Tesla may cut 10 percent of jobs.

On Thursday a message was sent to Tesla staff titled “pause all hiring worldwide, Reuters reported.

The CEO said in the email that he had a “super bad feeling” about the economy, and that employment in the company could have to be cut by 10 percent.

Market Watch reported:

Tesla shares fell more than 4% in premarket trading after closing up 4.6% at $776 on Thursday, amid a broad market rally, even as Microsoft MSFT, -1.82% cut its guidance ahead of the opening bell, blaming foreign-exchange rates.

Musk’s apparent economic gloom comes on the heels of attention-grabbing comments by JPMorgan Chase JPM, -0.89% Chairman and Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, who warned of a looming economic hurricane, from rate hikes, the war in Ukraine and inflation.

“Elon Musk has a uniquely informed insight into the global economy. We believe that a message from him would carry high credibility,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas.

“If the world’s largest EV company warns on jobs and the economy, investors should reconsider their forecasts on margins and top-line growth,” he said.