Dirty Vaccine Secrets Revealed & Big Pharma Lies Exposed – Dr. Russell Blaylock

December 21, 2021 By John Off
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Doctor Blaylock talks more about the vaccine cover-up and how the vaccines are weakening and causing damage to the immune system. Independent studies are showing that vaccinations are causing neurodegenerative disease and brain damage.

There is overwhelming evidence of the dangers of vaccinating pregnant women. Animal studies demonstrating when pregnant mammals were vaccinated the offspring clearly developed neurological and auto-immune complications.

More about the lies and deception of the pharmaceutical companies regarding influencing and producing fraudulent medical studies in order to get desired results and their influence on the mainstream media and medical journals is discussed. Also discussed is the phoney research regarding the mercury in the vaccines, and how the medical mafia continue to ignore the overwhelming studies on its destruction on the brain and the measures taken by Big Pharma to pay off doctors and medical journals in order to claim that their studies on vaccines are safe, when whistle-blowers continue to come out exposing how the pharmaceutical funded studies are controlled and certain information is left out of the studies in order to produce desired results.

Dr. Blaylock also honours and gives is condolences to his close friend of many years the late Dr. Stan Monteith who sadly passed away earlier in the morning.



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