Khabib apologizes to Afghan fans for commenting “thousands of miles away”

August 23, 2021 By John Off
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Khabib Nurmagomedov decided to apologize after getting involved in a heated verbal argument with a journalist in Moscow during a promotion, when he refused to talk about the political situation in Afghanistan.

The former UFC lightweight champion, who is one of the most popular Muslim athletes in the world, declined to comment on the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan at a news conference on a sponsorship deal with an energy drink company.

The refusal to comment has been criticized by many, especially since it has in the past criticized French President Emmanuel Macron for making insulting remarks about Muslims. Now, he apologized.

“My reaction was because I did not want to talk about politics. Of course, the reactions of Afghan fans were great. I asked for an answer inside again. When I said that it is thousands of kilometers from here, I did not want to point out that it does not concern me. I have many friends from Afghanistan, I have been training in San Jose since 2012, and nearby is Fremont, the city with the most Afghans outside Afghanistan. I hope they forgive me. I am not ashamed to apologize, because everyone is wrong. People there have been suffering for a long time. What happens there happens to them all their lives. It hurts for them and I care. “I wish them only the best,” Khabib said.