BOMBSHELL:Leaked Database Shows U.S. Military Disease Skyrocketing After Covid-19 Inoculations

January 29, 2022 By John 0
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Leaked Database Shows U.S. Military Disease Skyrocketing After Covid-19 Inoculations.


In this special report:
On January 25, 2022, Thomas Renz, the attorney for Doctors Peter Chambers, Theresa Long, and Samuel Sigoloff, testified before Congress regarding data leak directly from the Defense Health Agencies Defense Medical Epidemiology Database, otherwise known as DMED. Within DMED exists the Defense Medical Surveillance System’s DMSS, which contains up to date and historic data on diseases, medical events, and data on DoD personnel. The database is similar to VAERS, the vaccine adverse event reporting system, but it’s distinct in that it only applies to DoD military personnel and only medical providers can input information into the system. Upon inspection, we can see that information has been gathered from a five year average of dozens of diseases and medical disorders.


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