Must Watch – NIH Claimed Joint Ownership of Moderna mRNA Vaccine, Began Development WEEKS Ahead of Pandemic

December 10, 2021 By John 0
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The US National Institutes of Health worked alongside biotech company Moderna to develop a coronavirus mRNA vaccine mere weeks before the Covid-19 outbreak.

Appearing Wednesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, radio host Glenn Beck broke down the astonishing revelations, claiming key members of the federal government quietly entered into a joint ownership of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine just as the pandemic was poised to hit the US.

Here’s a transcript of Beck’s breakdown, where he detailed key passages in a private confidential agreement between the NIH and Moderna that was made weeks before the US outbreak:

Gain-of-function, which Fauci says never happened, happened in November of 2015. It happened with Dr. Baric. It was a published paper November 2015. The USAID and Fauci, with EcoHealth, they were funding it, it was happening with the Wuhan people. So we know that, but what you may not know is in November, the same month that published paper comes out, the United States begins a partnership with Moderna, and they are searching for mRNA coronavirus vaccines. Kind of a weird coincidence, but wait it gets worse.

“In this time, we skip to 2018, DARPA receives a proposal from Dr Baric, the US guy, Dr. Shi from Wuhan and Peter from EcoHealth, and DARPA sees this and says, ‘This is far too dangerous. We’re rejecting your proposal.’

“We don’t know what happened from there, but we do know just about 12 months later in Wuhan – where Peter Daszak, Dr. Shi, the bat lady, and Dr Baric were all doing research on coronaviruses – about a year later, there’s an outbreak, and the outbreak actually begins according to documents that we have that have been smuggled out of China that there were 10 hospitals involved by October with patients that were now, we now know, are corona-like virus symptoms. They didn’t know what was going on.

“Now, that was in October.

“Remember, we didn’t know anything about this in December, we were starting to get rumblings. China said there was some sort of an outbreak on December 31st, but…Dr. Baric signs a government deal with Moderna, I’m gonna read it exactly to you… this deal was made… it’s confidential…it’s a hundred and, I don’t know, 58 pages-long…If I skip to page 104, they are entering a specific private confidential agreement. The NIH appears to be transferring technology to Dr. Baric, but what they’re making clear is quote “mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by NIAID and Moderna.”

“Now this is weird, because it’s two weeks later that we know there’s a problem. They sign that deal two weeks before, and they sign it with the doctor who happened to be a partner with the bat lady in Wuhan.

“Here’s where it gets really dark. These are the same group of people that in the end of January begin to have meetings and they shut down and begin to smear anyone who’s looking into the lab leak theory. They establish that’s not true, don’t even look there.

“It appears to be collusion. You know we’ve passed this on to several people in Congress and the Senate. We know Rand Paul is on this and Dr. Fauci has some answers to give.

Writing at The Liberty DailyJD Rucker noted the interview was not posted to Fox News’ YouTube channel: “Was Tucker going off-script by bringing in Beck? Seems like it.”