Nancy Pelosi Gives Bizarre Response to Roe v. Wade Question

June 10, 2022 By John Off
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House Speaker Nancy is not taking it well that the U.S. Supreme Court is likely about to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In a letter to colleagues, Pelosi claimed overturning the landmark abortion decision would be “dragging our nation back to a dark time decades into the past.”

“With this draft ruling striking down the nearly fifty-year-old precedent of Roe v. Wade and undermining the Constitutional right to privacy, Republicans would rip away women’s right to make the most intimate and personal decisions,” the California Democrat wrote. “If handed down, this decision by GOP-appointed Justices would mean that, for the first time in our history, America’s daughters will have less freedom than their mothers.”

Pelosi claimed that “Republicans have made clear that their goal will be to seek to criminalize abortion nationwide,” citing actions at the state level such as “advancing extreme new laws, seeking to arrest doctors for offering reproductive care, ban abortion entirely with no exceptions, and even charge women with murder who exercise their right to choose.”

Last week, Pelosi gave a bizarre and borderline incoherent response when asked about the Supreme Court reportedly voting in favor of striking down the controversial Roe v. Wade decision.

draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked to Politico last month and it set off a firestorm on social media.

During an interview on CBS, host Margaret Brennan asked Pelosi why former President Barack Obama did not codify Roe v. Wade while he was in office.


Brennan hadn’t even finished asking her question before Pelosi started mumbling over her.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

Pelosi: “I had to fight against some of the people who did not want to pass the Affordable Care Act because they were concerned that it might enable more freedom of choice. It really didn’t go down that path. Right now, we do have a pro-choice Democratic Congress, and we passed the law months ago, in last, I think, September.”

BRENNAN: “You did in the House, yes.”

Pelosi: “It’s been a while. It’s a number of votes. The — but the fact also is — “

BRENNAN: “But the votes aren’t there in the Senate.”

Pelosi: “Well, the Senate is — you’ll have to talk to the Senate about the Senate. But I do think that it puts an urgency on what’s happening in the election. Two more — one or two more senators could sweep back the filibuster rule for this purpose, and then women would have a right to choose. This is about something so serious and so personal and so disrespectful of women. Here we are on Mother’s Day, a week where the court has slapped women in the face in terms of the disrespect for their judgments about the size and timing of their families. So, the fact is, let’s keep our eye on the ball. The ball is in the court of those justices, one of whom at least said over and over again that precedent — that precedence has been established again and again on Roe v. Wade and that was — so, this decision is about being anti-precedent and anti-privacy, and it has serious ramifications as we go — as we go down this path. And it has to be softened. I don’t think there’s a good outcome, but there’s a better outcome as far as this is concerned.”