The Pedos in Power are Being Exposed

December 19, 2021 By John 0
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Pushed as a conspiracy for years, now the truth is coming out about pedos in power.

Plus, the FDA doesn’t have time to release Pfizer safety study documents to the public, but has time to intercept medication? Kristi Leigh analyzes this and more in this powerful report.

A human trafficking epidemic continues to spiral out of control under the Cloward Piven strategy of the Biden Administration.

Meanwhile, residents of Yuma Arizona were horrified to witness thousands of immigrants roaming through their community. Networking gangs are cashing in on the lucrative human smuggling racket. While blue strongholds move to legalize the growing illegal immigrant voting block. Now Biden will issue ankle monitors and cellphones. Of course Trump had been branded as inhumane for using ankle monitors. Meanwhile Biden’s massive payout to immigrant families hit another snag.

And as 2 million illegals crossed our southern borders in 2021 into a United States riddled with skyrocketing inflation and record homicides in Sanctuary cities under Democratic leadership. Can the United States endure 3 more years of UN puppet Joe Biden’s destruction of American sovereignty.




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