Polls: Fauci Loses Trust With Americans, Confidence In CDC Plummets

May 25, 2022 By John Off
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Polls: Fauci Loses Trust With Americans, Confidence In CDC Plummets

Two polls are not good for Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A new Gallup poll found that one-third of Americans said they believe the pandemic is over.

Roughly 34 percent of respondents said that the pandemic is over, while 66 percent of respondents disagreed with that sentiment — but there was a stark partisan divide.

Around 60 percent of registered Republicans said the pandemic is “over” compared to just 10 percent of Democrats who agreed.

Among Independent voters, 39 percent said they believe the pandemic is finished.

In a separate poll, Americans’ confidence in Fauci has eroded.

The survey, by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center, found that 65 percent of Americans said they believe Fauci gives trustworthy pandemic advice.

Last year, the poll found that 71 percent thought Fauci was trustworthy, in what the poll described as a “statistically meaningful drop.”

A whopping 35 percent of voters said they weren’t confident in Fauci, which was up from 29 percent over the same time frame.

Fauci is also facing wrath from Republican lawmakers.

Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan declared that Republicans will launch an investigation into Fauci if they win back control of the U.S. House in November’s midterm elections.

Jordan said Republicans will “uncover” what Fauci knew about the origins of the pandemic.

Jordan argued recently released emails prove there’s a “need to investigate Fauci.”

“If the American people put us back in charge, we are definitely going to do this,” Jordan said, adding that his colleagues would push for congressional investigations.

Ohio Republican Senate contender J.D. Vance also recently called for term limits on bureaucrats like Fauci.

At a town hall, Vance said public servants should be term-limited and attacked Fauci.

“We need term limits not just for the legislators but for bureaucrats because ladies and gentlemen, all this talk about experts losing their expert status but there is an expert that not a single person in this room voted for that has far more power than anyone we ever did [vote for]… his name is Anthony Fauci,” Vance said.

“Why does he make more money that anyone else in the federal government? We need term limits for the bureaucrats too,” he added.

“‘When you have the bureaucracy at the EPA, or the IRS or whatever alphabet agency we’re talking about, that is actively against the president of the United States, that’s a fundamental problem for the nature of the Republican itself,” he continued.

Ironically enough, Fauci said last week that he might be leaving in the near future on his own.

During an interview on CNN, Fauci said “no” when asked by Jim Acosta if he would stay in his post as the chief medical adviser at the White House if former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election.

“If you look at the history of what the response was during the administration, I think, you know, at best, you can say it wasn’t optimal. And I think just, history will speak for itself about that,” Fauci told CNN.

Trump clashed with Fauci numerous times during the first year of the pandemic about hydroxychloroquine, testing, reopening businesses, curtailing travel from China, and several other issues.