Preliminary results from Arizona audit to be achieved next week, says Kelly Ward

August 21, 2021 By John Off
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Arizona Republican President Kelly Ward has made a major update on the state of auditing in Arizona in the 2020 presidential election, and Democrats in the state have begun to address her.

In a video message from Gord Gord Arizona, he explained that the preliminary results of the audit could be submitted to the state Senate next week.

Hello everyone Welcome to the Republican Audit Update from the Republican Party in Arizona. I am your President, Dr. Kelly Ward. Now, the audit team has told us that their report will be submitted to the Arizona Senate early next week. The State Senate will review the results for clarity and accuracy, and then release the final report to the public. “Now, like all of you, I look forward to that final report,” she said.

“Now, opponents of the audit are obviously concerned about that report as well. Can’t wait. In the last 24 hours, the Democratic Secretary of State, a radical, left-wing, progressive, Trump supporter who hated Katie Hobbes, has published what he called a “report on the party review of the 2020 general election in Marikopa County,” the media called him. foreword To In other words, she invents stories to misinform and seduce the public, as usual.


The funny, hilarious Marikopa County recorder, who was vocal in contempt for the audit, sent an open letter to Marikopa County, ridiculously pious. Remember, he does not want attention. He wants the office to be boring again, but he had time to put on make-up and turn to CNN and MSNBC to avoid any attention. Of course, these fantasies were sent to their liberal allies in the media and were presented at a press conference by a supposedly non-partisan group. “I am sure that no common sense read Richard’s 38-page manifesto and even less watched their performance.”

“Am I here in time deformation?” These opponents react to the audit even before the report is submitted to the State Senate. Do they have a crystal ball? Can they see into the future? I do not think so. But what they have is smoke and mirrors.


Hobbes tried to criticize the audit for not having proper security procedures, but many, many instigators praised the audit for being safe. It was much safer than it was at the Marikopa County spreadsheet center. Of course, Hobbes fails to comment on the disruption of the electoral system in Marikopa County, which occurred shortly before the election. “Hey Katie, the omissions are also lies.”

“Marikopa County recorders, open letter. Oh, that’s so sad, communication like I’ve ever seen, that comes from an elected official. It is fraught with many troubles for me, and undeserved, unfounded, and even horrible attacks on auditors. ironically, there is a section entitled: “I have never been anti-audit.” OMG, he is a comedian. The actions speak louder than Stevie’s words.


This district recorder tried to block the audit at every step. It is a shame that he is a Republican. Responding in advance to a report yet to be submitted is not responsible for management. These two sets of documents were very, very long, long and were published at the same time. This is not a response to the audit. “It is a naked attempt to control the narrative,” she said.