PURE EVIL: Unvaccinated parents will be BANNED from seeing their own sick KIDS in Western Australian hospitals under strict new laws from Mark McGowan

January 30, 2022 By John 0
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Unvaccinated parents will be banned from seeing their own sick children unless they get a special exemption under draconian new measures being drawn up by Mark McGowan.

The¬†Western Australia¬†premier, who has proudly touted his state will have the ‘broadest’ vaccine passport rules in the country, is bringing in tough new rules on January 31.

The hospital visitation plan would see only those with exemptions from the vaccine to be allowed to visit hospitals – including to see their own kids.

Mr McGowan has promised to make life ‘very hard’¬†for those who refuse the jab, and has further¬†ostracised himself from the rest of the country by extending the state’s closed borders beyond the February 5 re-opening date he had promised.

Unvaccinated parents will be banned from seeing their own sick children under draconian new measures from Mark McGowan and will need to apply for special exemptions (stock image)

The state’s chief health officer said what were deemed ‘high-risk settings’ would be the focus for the government going forward as they look to clamp down on the potential spread of Omicron.

This includes hospitals and aged care homes, and while it doesn’t stop unvaccinated people seeking treatment or being in such a facility, it does mean they can’t visit friends or relatives.

‘Entry into a hospital or RACF by unvaccinated individuals (in those jurisdictions) is prohibited unless an exemption is in place or permitted under compassionate grounds, such as visiting a family member during the terminal phase of their life,’ Dr Andy Robertson wrote in the new health advice.

‘In situations where visitation is permitted by unvaccinated individuals, additional risk mitigation precautions are required to be met by the individual.’

Dr Robertson said the government would support ‘medical exemptions’ based on extenuating and compassionate grounds for the unvaccinated, including ‘end-of-life visits’.


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