The United States will not keep troops in Afghanistan after August 31

August 24, 2021 By John 0
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other G7 leaders have failed to persuade the United States to keep troops in Afghanistan to continue evacuation efforts until the end of the month, the DPA reported.

The British Prime Minister was expected to put pressure on US President Joe Biden to keep his forces on the ground after August 31, as they provide security at Kabul airport to allow people to leave the country.

But after an emergency meeting of G7 leaders chaired by Johnson, Biden said the deadline remained in place.

“We will do everything we can until the last minute, but you heard what the US president said, you heard what the Taliban said,” Johnson said, expressing confidence that thousands more could be pulled out. However, he noted that the situation at the airport is not improving.

Johnson said leaders agreed on “condition number one” after August 31 that the Taliban must provide a “safe passage for those wishing to leave”.