Trump calls the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan the greatest mistake

August 20, 2021 By John 0
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Former US President Donald Trump on Friday, August 20, said that the decision of the current US President Joe Biden to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is “the greatest strategic mistake.”

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“There was no withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan under Biden, it was a surrender. Will he apologize for the greatest tactical mistake in history, pulling the military out before the civilians? ” – quotes his words by Breitbart News correspondent Charlie Spearing on Twitter.

On August 18, Trump said that about 40 thousand Americans who are going to leave Afghanistan may be held hostage by the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation). He also said that he considers the operation to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan the biggest humiliation for the United States. At the same time, he called the very fact of the withdrawal of troops remarkable, but stressed that “no one has ever carried out the process of withdrawal of troops worse than Joe Biden.”

The day before, it was reported that the US authorities had evacuated from Afghanistan about 1.1 thousand of its citizens, holders of a residence permit in the States, as well as their family members.

On August 16, the US State Department announced that those wishing to leave Afghanistan should be given the opportunity to leave. The Foreign Ministry called on all sides to facilitate the safe departure of foreign citizens and Afghans from Afghanistan. More than 60 countries have signed the statement.

On August 15, the Taliban entered Kabul, after which they declared the “end of the war” in Afghanistan. They intend to announce the creation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and also demanded the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. In turn, President Ashraf Ghani resigned and left the country.

The situation in Afghanistan aggravated against the background of the withdrawal of the US military, who had been in the country for 20 years. During this time, it was not possible to achieve stable peace in the region and the establishment of the political situation in the country. The withdrawal of troops began in early May; it is planned to complete it by the end of August.