Trump with new accusation against Biden: Withdrawal from Kabul is the biggest American humiliation in international politics

August 22, 2021 By John 0
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Trump, who is considering re-running for president in 2024, blamed Biden for the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, although, according to British media, the withdrawal of US troops was agreed during his administration.

“The failure of the US to leave Afghanistan magnificently shows the incompetence of the nation leader, perhaps at all times,” Trump told his supporters at a rally near the town of Kalman in the US state of Alabama yesterday.

Trump blamed Biden for the current situation, saying he did not follow the plan devised by the previous administration.

– This is not a withdrawal. This is a complete surrender, Trump added.

He said that the Taliban, with whom he negotiated, respected him, according to British media.

Trump believes that the rapid fall of Kabul into the hands of the Taliban would not have happened if he had still been the head of state.

– We were able to leave Afghanistan with honor. In fact, we should have come out with our foreheads raised, and instead coming out with something to the contrary, said the former US president.