WOW!PELOSI — Michael Jackson

January 12, 2022 By John 0
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Tucker was saying the other day on TV, that Michael Jackson appeared on Television; obviously under a Pelosi facemask. Have been covering this for years; Tribunals have started a couple of years ago. Out there are often clones and facemasks.

Facemasks are more common these days than clones. The White hats have shut down a lot of cloning centers. Nancy Pelosi has been arrested many times the past couple of years..videos posted on here while the hitler cheerleaders ,know it alls and trolls laugh and downvote…… and she had her tribunal; she is gone! She has been part of a crime family
The Brown Family ..puppets of Rothschild.
You can call it the Pelosi mafia, who have been involved in all sorts of crimes, including trafficking and drug smuggling. Pelosi is a facemask; obviously Michael Jackson is beneath the mask. In a brilliant move, the White hats disclose that a) Michael Jackson is alive, and b) that Pelosi is a facemask.

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